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Goddess of Willendorf Replica - $49.95



Venus of Willendorf - hand held

Size : 11cm H x 6cm W x 5.5cm D

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Venus of Willendorf on a stand

Size : 12cm H x 6cm W x 5.5cm D

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This is an identical plaster replica from a mould of the Goddess of Willendorf statue which was discovered at the turn of the 20th century in Austria.

This small statue, which fits neatly into the palm of the hand, is dated at around 25,000 years old- well before the days of our so called ‘civilization’

The original talisman is carved of limestone. The red ochre that covers her is often interpreted as a symbol of the menstrual blood of women - and integral part of the mystical creative process. With her faceless head she may be interpreted as the transpersonal female creatrix who sees from inner eyes. Her large breasts and belly show that she is the ever nourishing Mother of All.

 Handcrafted in Bellingen by Jim Hood.

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