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About us
SHEKHINAH MORGAN - researcher, writer and producer of the Moon Diary and Moon Cycle Wall Chart

I was born and spent much of my early life in South Australia. I now live on the beautiful , lush Mid-North Coast of New South Wales in Australia.

I am a musician, dancer and teacher with a great love of gardening and working with textiles.

My work researching, writing and producing the  Moon Diary  grew out of a lifelong fascination for myth and ritual and my search for a Women's Spirituality.

Moon Diary Products was begun in 1993 and grew out of my search for a woman centred spirituality and a deeper connection with the cycles of nature. My journey challenges me to live the ordinary life in a way which recognises the sacred in each and every act and thing.

My work is about fanning the flame of the sacred feminine. When we honour this we enable ourselves to take up the values of diversity, spontaneity, compassion, beauty and self-empowerment.

Between 2004 and 2008 I wrote a Northern Hemisphere version of the Moon Diary and the Moon Cycle Wall Chart. Due to difficulties with production, this was suspended until 2105 when I'm happy to say I was once more able to resume the Northern Hemisphere project.

"Tools for the journey that come from the well spring of the Feminine Soul."
JUDE BADERLE - Illustrator

I enjoy exploring the Sacred Feminine and sensuality through my artwork. Illustrating the Moon Diary each year gives me ample opportunity to play with fine lines and create sumptuous scenes of celebration, portraying women in their journeys.

I have discovered that for me, the magic lies not in the technique, but in the common journey of the artist and the viewer. Rather than plan an outcome, I like to let the mystery of the work unfold. I am inspired by  nature, spirituality and the female form. I enjoy creating scenes of celebration, ritual and magic.

My hope is to portray the sacredness in every day life in a whimsical and often humorous way.

KELLIE GOUGH - Illustrator

Kellie’s artwork is inspired by the understanding that we are inextricably part of nature.

She is hopeful that by collaborating creatively we can shape a healthier way of living based on celebration, shared power and resources, and respect for each other and the earth.

Kellie lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

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