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Moon Rites

a Feminine Path to personal power - $US21.95


Moon Rites by Michelle Royce shines the light on the feminine path to
personal power and enables women to connect with their unique

The book is divided into three sections- The Goddess
Story, detailing the history of the divine feminine;

the Moon Rites, covering the three life stages;

and the Moon Goddess Journal, a workbook corresponding

with the thirteen lunar months with room to make notes documenting your journey.

It is designed as a toolkit and contains suggestions for honouring these rites with rituals,
affirmations, visualisations, and holistic therapies including herbal
remedies, yoga, aromatherapy and dream interpretation.

Alongside these tips are many interviews with women sharing their story. The Moon
Rites are your birthright- it's time to reclaim them!

352 pages

Written specifically for women, Moon Rites is the perfect companion for your feminine journey.
published by Moon Diary Products  - Books  Celebrating Her
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