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 Jude Baderle: Illustrator

   I enjoy exploring the sacred feminine and sensuality through my artwork. Being illustrator of the yearly 'Moon Diary' gives me ample opportunity to play with fine lines and create sumptious scenes of celebration.

 Designing a range of cards allowed me to take this exploration further by creating text to compliment the illustrations. It also gave me the opportunity to use soft blended colours portraying women and their journeys.

  Having studied ceramics and visual arts, I have discovered that for me the magic lies not in the technique but in the common journey of the artist and viewer. Rather than plan an outcome I like to let the mystery of the work unfold. I am inspired by nature, spirituality and the female form. I enjoy creating scenes of celebration, ritual and magic.

 My hope is to portray the sacredness in every day life in a whimsical and often humorous way.

Jude Baderle
PO BOX 438, Bellingen NSW 2454

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Moondiary Products