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Birth Skills childbirth preparation for Mums and Dads who would like to make their baby's Birth-Day a gentle, welcoming transition from the womb to the world.

Natural Mother  an online shop for women looking for products that will help create health and harmony within your mind, body and home.

Virgo Moon Pages  Carolyn Wild's online store has an extensive range of new and second-
hand books, specialising in astrology, psychology and self- development. If you’re having trouble tracking down a book, Carolyn will do her best to find it for you. And ‘More’? Be pleasantly

Radpads  Rad-Pads cloth menstrual pads and natural medicine clinic ‘Wise Women’s Wellbeing’... better health for this generation and generations to come.

Moonsong  Reclaiming feminine power through reconnection with the Women's Mysteries
MoonSong offers products and words to help Women understand and honour their menstrual cycle, rites of passage and life seasons.

Wild Genie The menstrual cycle is the psycho-spiritual template in women. Constituting the ground of woman's being, the cycle has an 'intelligence' and function that goes beyond its role of baby making.


Patricia Rose  Goddess Spirituality in Australia.

Mikailah Gooda  Access Goddess-based Astrology, Tarot & Spiritual Readings . Natal Lunar Fertility and the‘LilyWomyn’ Sacred Priestess Initiation Program.

Gaias Garden  is a wonderful location in Kew East, Victoria which contains a sacred ceremonial space, labyrinth and meditation spaces. We conduct workshops and study circles as well as allowing for small groups and individuals to privately use the spaces by negotiation.

Women and Spirituality  Here you will find exclusive films, books and blogs by leading filmmakers, scholars, artists, writers and activists in feminist spirituality today.

Goddess Alive  A magazine of Goddess celebration with news, research, artwork, photos, personal experiences and ritual, that aims to reflect the diverse community of Goddess spirituality reclaimed from the past and alive in the world today.

The Goddess Pages include poetry, art and other creative work in celebration the return of the Goddess in the new millennium. You can also send free postcards of original artwork from the site.

WOMEN'S CULTURE - Music, Dance & Art

Kempsey Drum Dance Collective - offering women a respectful atmosphere in which to learn, grow and collaborate in performing a diverse range of belly dance and Arabic drumming styles. The longest running Belly Dance Site in Australiasia  A comprehensive directory of all things to do with Belly Dance in Australia.

Goddess Mandala Ancient visions of the Great Goddess by Sid Reger - combining lifelong interests in archaeology and sacred art.

Ama Menec  Lively colourful sculptures of Archaic Goddesses, Mermaids, fat nudes and other female archetypes by sculptor Ama Menec. From small to nearly life-sized, suitable for home or garden, shipped internationally.


Wycksted  Online Wiccan supplies. Selling Moon Diary Products in New Zealand

Enter the World of Witches  Learn about the history of witch craft and where the modern times are leading witch craft. There is also information on the Salem witch craft trials available. Learn about both traditional ways of witch craft.

Pagaian Cosmology  Gleny Livingstone . Celebrating Cosmogenesis – the Triple Spiral– each particular beautiful Self, new in every moment – deep relationship and communion with Other, the web of life .

Moondiary Products


Moondiary Products