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Dancing Women


Shekhinah Morgan

I have been practicing and teaching Egyptian dance for the past 20 years. My style has grown out of my dedication to dance, music and body work as a path to nourishing and unfolding authenticity and natural expressiveness.

Through my dance practice and teaching I focus on bringing the temple of the body to a (W)holy place of pleasure, health and vibrancy.
  • We learn groundedness and embodiment.
  • We develop presence.   
  • We develop our body rhythm in connection to the rhythm of the earth.
  • We learn to build energy within our bodies, to shape the inner ‘container’ of our power, vitality and expressiveness.
  • We learn to move blocked energy within the body.
  • We touch on the use of trance dance in ritual as a way of connecting with our deeper realities and finding ecstatic states.
  • We come to more deeply understand, enjoy and recreate and celebrate our own woman’s culture.

I work with experienced dancers and non-dancers alike. I do teach technique although my emphasis is on interpretation and self-expression. I usually work with Traditional Egyptian music and rhythms and bring in the elements of percussion and costumery.

 Shekhinah is principal of the Awalim School of Middle Eastern Dance and Percussion which she founded in 1996.

She teaches Middle Eastern dance and percussion classes and conducts dance workshops at her studio in Bellingen and at Festivals . Together with her partner Persia and other women from the Awalim School, Shekhinah plays Middle Eastern percussion and dances with TARAB.

I have always loved to dance and spent several years exploring African dancing before Belly dance. I went to Middle Eastern dance classes so I could have lunch with my girlfriends but soon fell under the spell of this exquisite dance form.

The person who has taken me on this fabulous journey is Shekhinah Morgan through dance, music, drumming, costumes, other peoples' culture and the feminine. I have danced under the guidance of Shekinah for twelve years and had the privilege of joining where I play a number of Middle Eastern instruments including the tabala, frame drum and rek. I also perform in the troupe TARAB as a dancer.

Over the years I have taken many workshops with prominent Australian and overseas Middle Eastern dance teachers.

I began teaching in 2004 . I believe everybody is a dancer, drummer, singer and creator. It gives me great pleasure to guide people in self-expression through the body in dance.

I would like to bring to people the pleasure of movement, the joy of listening and feeling the rhythm  of middle eastern music by using simple belly dance steps and easy choreographies. My classes are also about women enjoying each others' company and learning in a fun way. My advanced class is dynamic incorporating many varied styles which makes for loads of fun.

Ruth Maitland


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