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Priestess Moon'sDesign’s Wheel of the Year cards celebrate the eight major Celtic/Wiccan festivals. These Sabbats (sacred days) occur approximately every six weeks throughout the year. Celtic mythology explains the reason behind the turn of the seasons through the three aspects of the Goddess; Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman. The cards explore this story symbolically through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Each card is printed from an original artwork created by Megan Fraser in a ritual circle.

There are eight Sabbat cards and one Esbat card (Full Moon), making a full set of nine cards. Each one includes both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere dates, as well as  the mythology of each festival.

These playful cards can be used to adorn altars, or as a focus for ritual and meditation on the Sabbats. They can also be given as greeting cards for the festivals, as gifts for friends or just to keep. The following is a brief explanation of the holidays and mini ritual ideas suitable for each festival.      


IMBOLC /Candlemas 

Southern Hemisphere August 1st, Northern Hemisphere February 2nd.

In Celtic myth, the Goddess regenerates after giving birth. This day is associated with Brigid, patron Goddess of Ireland, who blesses poetry, creativity and healing. Imbolc is a festival of lights. A day of renewal, quiet strength and personal transformation.

 Ritual ideas; Light lots of candles to symbolize the coming warmth of the sun. Make a sun wheel from wicker or dried grape vine, thinking about what you need to heal in your life. Ask the Goddess to bless any new creative endeavour.

Colour; yellow.

Keywords; dawn, childhood, limitless.   Imbolc card

OSTARA /Spring Equinox

 Southern Hemisphere circa September 22nd, Northern Hemisphere circa March  22nd

Day and night are of equal length. In Celtic myth, the Goddess has now reached puberty. She is the Maiden. This holiday is much like Easter where we celebrate new life and the coming of spring.

Ritual ideas; Paint prepared eggs bright jewel colours and give them as gifts. Pick or buy beautiful spring flowers for brightening up the home.

Colour; pink.

Keywords; initiation, play, puberty.    Ostara card 



 Southern Hemisphere October 31st, Northern Hemisphere May 1st

In Celtic myth, the God and the Goddess celebrate their wedding day. Beltane is a fertility festival, a day devoted to flirting and falling in love. This festival is full of fire imagery that symbolically brings with it sexual passion, cleansing and positive change.

Ritual ideas; Light a fire outside and jump over it making a wish. Burn red candles anointed with rose essential oil and bless your relationships. A good time to work fertility magic for conceiving a child.

Colour; red.

Keywords; youth, freedom, pleasure.   Beltane card

LITHA/Summer Solstice

Southern Hemisphere circa December 22nd, Northern Hemisphere circa June 22nd

The longest day. The Goddess is now the Mother. A day for relaxing the routine and allowing a bit of magic into your life. Spend time in the warmth of the sun, and appreciate at the beauty of the natural world.

Ritual ideas; Make yourself a talisman out of found objects from nature; charge it with the powerful rays of the sun. Walk between two lit candles to symbolically burn away what you don’t need.

Colour; gold

Keywords; love, commitment, noon.  Litha card  Litha Ritual Pack

LAMMAS/ Lughnasadh

 Southern Hemisphere February 2nd, Northern Hemisphere August 1st

Harvest Festival. In Celtic myth, the Sun God Lugh prepares himself for a willing sacrifice. The sun is starting to fade and autumn is coming.  Grain is an important symbol of this holiday. Like the threshing of the grain the Sun God is cut down, and will be born again.

 Ritual ideas; Make biscuits in the shape of sun symbols and bake bread. Take a picnic to a beautiful area and play outdoor games.

Colour; orange

Keywords; ripeness, maturity, abundance.  Lammas card

MABON/Autumn Equinox

Southern Hemisphere circa March 22nd, Northern Hemisphere circa September 22nd

Day and night are of equal length. The old Sun God fades and dies. A time of completion and rebalancing. The sun is fading and winter is coming. A good time to reflect on your past achievements and take stock of your year so far.

Ritual ideas; Make jams, pickles and fruit wine. Clear the clutter that has accumulated in your house, making way for new energy.

Colour; blue

Keywords letting go, dusk, maturity.  Mabon card   Mabon Ritual Pack

SAMHAIN /Halloween  
 Southern Hemisphere May 1st, Northern Hemisphere October 31st.

Witches’ New Year. It is a good time to work on and release old habits and fears. Samhain is an auspicious time for divination and honouring loved ones who have passed on. In Celtic myth, the Goddess is now the Wise Woman.

Ritual ideas; Draw up a family tree, look through old photos, and tell stories about grandparents and great grandparents. Make pies and cakes from apples. A good time for ritual drumming and trance work.

Colour; indigo

Keywords; strength, wisdom, midnight.  Samhain card

YULE/Winter Solstice 

Southern Hemisphere circa June 22nd, Northern Hemisphere circa December 22nd.

Longest night of the year. In Celtic myth, the Goddess gives birth to the sun. Essentially, the rebirth of the Sun God is celebrated.

Ritual ideas; decorate an evergreen tree with wishes for the coming year. Fruit for success, love charms for happiness, seed pods for fertility and coins for wealth. Give presents, eat drink and be merry!

Colour: green

Keywords; anticipation, new start, birth.   Yule card   Yule Ritual Pack

FULL MOON/   Esbat

The full moon is considered a magical time to work money or love spells, enact rituals or complete fruitful projects. It is also an excellent time for parties and dances. The Goddess is at the height of her power and fertility.

 Colour; silver

Keywords; power, fertility, completion.  Esbat card

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